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G.L.B.: A history of over 30 years

Founded in 1988, G.L.B. Stampi designs and manufactures punching tools, multi-station punching, transfer moulds, deep drawing and embossing.

The extensive experience, gained over years of continuous activity in the cold deformation of sheet metal, guarantees full knowledge of the technology and allows us to face any type of project.

The company also, to meet the needs of the market and broaden its horizons, designs and manufactures burr cutting moulds for die-cast or moulded parts.

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to follow the customer in all phases of the project, from the idea to the final product, always guaranteeing support, precision and reliability. This means we can provide the customer with a reference point which they can always count on.

The sectors

The main sectors of mould construction and punching in which we have been working successfully for over 30 years include




Household products


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